Washing Machine service center in Isnapur


  1. Initial Inspection:
    • The technician will begin by inspecting the washing machine to understand the symptoms and gather information about the problem.
    • They may ask you specific questions about when the issue started and any unusual sounds or behaviors you’ve observed.
  2. External Checks:
    • The service personnel will examine the external components such as the control panel, buttons, and wiring to ensure there are no visible issues.
    • They might also check for any obstructions in the drum or agitator that could be hindering movement.
  3. Internal Examination:
    • If the external inspection doesn’t reveal the problem, the technician will open up the washing machine to examine internal components.
    • They may check the motor, belt, pulleys, and other mechanical parts for wear and tear or damage.
  4. Motor and Transmission Inspection:
    • A malfunctioning motor or transmission can often be the cause of spinning or agitating problems. The technician will inspect these components thoroughly.
    • They may check for electrical issues in the motor, such as faulty connections or burned-out components.
  5. Belt Examination:
    • A loose or damaged belt can result in spinning issues. The technician will inspect the belt for signs of wear, tension, or breakage.
    • If needed, they may replace the belt with a new one.
  6. Testing:
    • After identifying and fixing the issue, the technician will conduct tests to ensure that the washing machine now spins and agitates properly.
    • They may run a short cycle to observe the machine’s performance and make any final adjustments if necessary.
  7. Customer Explanation:
    • Once the repair is complete, the technician will explain the issue to you, detailing what went wrong, what was fixed or replaced, and any recommendations for future maintenance.
  8. Payment and Documentation:
    • You’ll be provided with a service invoice detailing the repairs conducted and the cost involved.
    • Payment will be settled according to the service center’s policies.