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Causes for a washer that won’t spin properly

The washing machine is too full

When your washing machine is overstuffed, it may fill but not spin. Some washer models have automatic detectors to tell you if you’ve overfilled your washing machine, but many don’t. The machine generally won’t recognize the issue until the washer has filled with water. If that’s the case, unfortunately, your only solution is to remove some of the soggy clothes.

The load isn’t balanced properly

If you’re trying to wash only a couple of heavy items, your washing machine may not spin or may not spin effectively. This often occurs when you’re washing things like a comforter or shoes. Open the machine and shift the items around to balance the washing machine load, and your washer can spin more effectively. Adding more items to help balance a load can be effective, too, as long it doesn’t overfill the machine.

The washer isn’t balanced correctly

You’ll probably know if your washing machine isn’t balanced, because it will make a lot of noise and vibration as it goes through its spin cycle. An uneven surface can cause issues for all sorts of washers, since it allows the machine to rock and move while agitating. Some front-loading washers can even sense if they’re not balanced properly, and won’t spin as a safety precaution—so if you have a front-loading washer that won’t spin, this is one of the first things you should check for. If you find that your washing machine isn’t well-balanced, you can generally adjust the washer legs to fix it. Use a level to make sure it’s done correctly.