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The lid switch isn’t working properly

The lid switch determines whether the lid is closed properly and, as a safety feature, is designed to keep your washer from spinning if not. While on most models the washer won’t spin at all if the lid switch isn’t working, some models will allow the washer to fill but not spin.

If you’re dealing with a top-loading washer not spinning, an impaired lid switch is one of the most common causes and should be one of the first things you check, especially if your issue is a top-loading washer that fills and agitates, but doesn’t spin properly. You can find the lid switch underneath the lid, on the top of your machine. Check to see if it makes good contact, or if it’s bent. You may be able to bend the switch back into shape, or you may need to have it replaced. There are many steps and it’s pertinent that you use the correct replacement part, so we recommend reaching out to a washing machine repair professional for help.